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Asphalt Paving Methods and Materials

9 Pages 2373 Words June 2019

The paper discusses the use of asphalt and asphalt paving materials in depth with results and analysis. It looks into the types of asphalt, the reasons for its use in paving materials, and the properties of asphalt paving materials which make it suitable for paving and road construction. This paper also sheds light on the addition of different materials in asphalt mix and the resultant changes that occur in the material. Lastly, this paper acknowledges the wide use of asphalt paving materials but also highlights the new alternatives being discovered and developed to combat the cons of asphalt paving materials in road construction. The use of asphalt will be analyzed in terms of economic and environmental tangents to help propose better and more sustainable futures for the industry of asphalt production and use.

Focus of Paper
The paper focuses on Asphalt paving materials. It will discuss the different types of asphalt materials available for the paving purpose, when and where they are used, their properties and how they are processed (from rocks or petroleum refining). This paper will also shed light on the results of their uses and the alternatives that are being proposed to combat the effects of certain problematic results.

Asphalt is a bituminous substance which is found naturally in many areas across the planet. It is smooth, brittle, hard, and a dark brown-black color, and is a resin-like material made of a combination of different hydrocarbons (Curtis, Ensley, and Epps, 1993). There is however a significant difference between Asphalt and Bitumen, especially within the context of this paper. While Bitumen is the heaviest naturally occurring fraction of petroleum, Asphalt can be used to describe both the natural form of bitumen mixed with a mineral matter or any artificial mixture of Bitumen (Krishnan, n.d). Scientifically speaking, Asphalt is a product of petroleum’s solvent extraction or its residue. Na...

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