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The Patriarchy and the Demand to Create Their Story

4 Pages 1076 Words June 2019

Throughout our lives we as people create our own path and strive to tell our own story. We are our own narrator and have a bias about us, that we are the center of the universe. Everything that happens is in our point of view, from our perspective. However, some people may feel like others are telling their story, with oppression and violence being so prevalent in their world it can be hard to feel as your own person. Always looking behind your shoulders and fearing the worst can take a toll on our well-being and pull us out of the world we want and desire. In the story Who Fears Death by Nnedi Okorafor, a journey narrated by a brave and strong woman, she encounters many instances of oppression and violence mainly from men who want control. This story shows her path of revenge-seeking to avenge those who have been hurt by the men of another tribe. The in-human control by the patriarchal system seems to set the path of destruction that leads the main character Onye to make decisions no child, teenager, or adult would want to make. From old outdated traditions to facing decisions one couldn’t imagine, the heavy presence of patriarchy in this story create paths of destruction for women wanting to break free.
Growing up in the United States most people would say they are living the life they want under their rules and regulations, there is oppression, violence, and biases everywhere, but compared to other areas in the world the US has been one easy way to grow. In places like Sudan however, men have the upper hand and control the path and story of those wrongly perceived as weak and less than themselves. This happens so frequently that human trafficking has been a big issue that seems to never get resolved. In an article by Tarig M. Yousif, he states “Kidnapping of refugees from Shagarab (at gunpoint) before selling them to other groups in the Sinai, where victims are often subjected to torture in order to extract large ransoms from th...

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