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Change and the Neolithic Revolution

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The Neolithic revolution, also known as the agricultural revolution, was a change for the better in the way of life of our ancestors. This period was a drastic change from a food from hunting and gathering to the domestication of animals and farming. People settled in fertile areas and formed agricultural communities that grew into cities. This stable way of life and a more reliable food supply led to the development of cities and a better way of life.
Before the Neolithic Revolution, people lived a simple way of life. They were hunters and gatherers. Men hunted for about seven hours every three days. Women gathered fruits and vegetables and worked harder. Most hunting groups were small and had to roam widely for food. Two people required at least one square mile for survival. Paleolithic people gradually improved their tool use, beginning with the crude shaping of stone and wooden implements. People of this period also came up with rituals to lessen their fear of death. Therefore, before the Neolithic Revolution, people lived very simplistic lives and survived off of hunting and gathering.
The beginning of the Neolithic Revolution brought about the development of agriculture, domestication of animals, and permanent settlement. Agriculture allowed people to control their food supply, rather than relying on what they found that day. Farming was a reliable food source because you could plant food all year round. People also began domesticating animals. They used some animals for food and some for labor. Larger animals such as bulls and oxen were used on plantations to help with plowing fields. Now, everyone did not immediately accept farming. For many years after its development, people still hunted and gathered. It was only later when large game animals migrated that people realized how beneficial farming could be.
Farming also led to the development of permanent settlement and thus cities. People realized they could not take farms wit...

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