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Human Rights and Discrimination

6 Pages 1393 Words June 2019

During this period of history, there are many issues which did affect the United States of America in our lives how society is being run, this essay will be based on true reflection “On Women's Right to Vote" and "The Perils of Indifference." All those issues have endured and influenced the country, in the way the government runs its administration. The purpose of this essay is to make us understand the message behind the speech delivered by Elie Wiesel and the speech made by Susan Anthony on Women’s right to cast their vote has been at the heart of all citizen of the corner of the country.
While going through all speeches, the most important element mentioned is more focus on the right and deprivation or discrimination of other human being based on their citizenship and believes. The battle of freedom is a hard earning sacrifice which woman went through a lot so that we can see all those achievements in the United States, this sacrifice can’t be unnoticed so that some woman can enjoy the freedom they have today, Susan Anthony was even arrested because she decided to challenge the discrimination black American woman couldn’t cast their vote because they were a woman.
The context of this democracy today in the United States woman should capitalize and capture it because there was a huge sacrifice which was made possible by the most prominent woman activist and it should revive the spirit of the revolution, a woman was discriminated, dehumanized at the point they were not allowed to work certain types of job. Although a woman has gained more important advance in the legal sphere, women are still needed in a more economical sphere, political and social. In his speech before the American Congress, Elie Wiesel is relating the experience gone through in his childhood because of Jew, he goes further by detailing the atrocities they found themselves into by being tortured, enslaved in an inhuman way by the Germans soldiers, Jews were...

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