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The Dangers of Energy Drinks

2 Pages 377 Words June 2019

Energy drinks are beverages that have large amounts of caffeine and other additives that are advertised to improve energy and concentration. Energy drinks are consumed by all ages ranging from <12 yrs. old to 25 yrs. old. (Seifert, et. al, 2011). There are several reasons why energy drinks are harmful, especially for children and adolescents. High caffeine intake puts adolescents at risk for increased blood pressure and changes in sleep patterns. Some studies have shown suicides that are linked to caffeine abuse. Consuming large amounts of caffeine, which is the main ingredient in energy drinks, can cause serious health effects such as seizures, anxiety, mood swings, stroke, and death. (Arria, A. M., & O'Brien, M. C. 2011). Other studies suggest that energy drinks cause prescription drug abuse, depression, and dental issues. (Hrustic. A, 2017) While energy drinks are advertised to increase performance and energy levels, there is scientific evidence to show the dangers and serious health effects from consuming energy drinks on a daily basis.
Although there are clearly many disadvantages with energy drinks, there are a few advantages of energy drinks. In moderation, many individuals had no side effects of energy drink consumption. Caffeine can improve mental alertness in an individual. Most athletes can benefit from energy drinks. The carb content of energy drinks can aid in replenishing energy and increasing performance. Before a competition, athletes need to consume large amounts of carbs without too much fiber, the sugars in energy drinks are the best way to do this. The energy levels and mental alertness are increased by energy drinks. Energy drinks also stimulate the body when feeling drained. ( Samuels, M. 2019).
Families and children should be educated on the effects of energy drinks, by health care providers. Energy drinks may be safe as long as they are consumed in moderation. Individuals with heart conditions and taking certa...

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