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The Transport System in Central Asia-Almaty

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Almaty is a permanent human settlement in the Republic of Kazakhstan that spans to 682 km sq. [CITATION Wik19 l 1033 ] The city situated in the southeast Kazakhstan and still remains known as the largest economic, cultural, business and infrastructure center of Central Asia. According to the statistics, between 2010 and 2018, the population has increased from 1.4 million to 1.8 million, and the area has doubled from 330 km sq. to 682 km sq. [ CITATION Abo10 l 1033 ] It refers by increasing a size of the city, also improved logistics and infrastructure, because of a gradual enhance in a density of population and the remoteness from world markets create a possession of advanced transportation system significant for this area. [ CITATION Chr19 l 1033 ] There is a cliché into the non-developed transport systems and bad living standards in the whole country, because of a film “Borat”, which is in fact, not filmed even in the territory of Kazakhstan. The public transport system in Almaty is well developed: rail (train), intercity buses, mini-buses, taxis, and rental car. The most common functional systems of public transports are buses and the subway that cover the entire city. [ CITATION Den16 l 1033 ] Prior to the creation of tourist transit information, a lot of tourists have rated the infrastructure of Almaty as non-well planned, for a number of reasons. [ CITATION Vis19 l 1033 ] One of them not-well planned routeways of public transports and lack of posters that could follow the foreigners to a destination. Another reason is terrible-traffic jams that could lead the people to the nervous tick, stress, and infringements of drivers by dealing with that, which is then may a cause of an accident. [ CITATION Kaz15 l 1033 ]
It is interesting to mention the cost of travel on the public transports in the whole city is 80 tenge (0.22 USA dollars) and it does not depend on a distance. [ CITATION Adi17 l 1033 ](S. blogs, Cheapest cities in the...

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