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Self-Reflection Essay: Communication Skills

2 Pages 530 Words July 2019

This course has taught me about effective communication skills. How to effectively communicate in the workplace. During this course, I’ve learned how important it is to effectively communicate within the workplace. I found my strengths in communicating and noticed the areas where I need to work on my communication skills. There is always room for improvement, no matter how good your strengths are you will always find a weakness.
My field of study is a Bachelor’s in Science in Addiction Counseling. And those who went to college and obtained a bachelor’s degree stood out as having an advantage and therefore were often hired more quickly by employer’s seeking the best and brightest talent. (Thrasher, 2013) I can apply the knowledge I’ve learned in this course towards effectively communicating within the workplace. My job will be nothing but communicating with people struggling with addiction. Therefore, I must learn each person’s way of communicating and tread lightly, so they don’t close themselves off or just leave and not come back. As a recovering addict myself I feel people struggling with addictions will be more willing and comfortable with talking to another recovering addict, someone who can physically and mentally relate to them and their situation, rather than someone with just the degree without the actual experience.
My area of strengths in communication that I feel that I can bring to my area od study are. Effectively communicating with other addicts that are in recovery and addicts that are still in active addiction. My job as an addiction’s counselor will be to find ways to communicate with other addicts. I feel that I can relate better than anyone that just has a bachelor’s degree, As an addict in recovery myself. My past addiction is what brought me to want to go into this specific field of study. Mostly because I can relate to other addicts both physically and mentally, I’ve been though what their goi...

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