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The Causes and Effects of Poverty

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There is still plenty of poverty in a great number of countries in the world. Poverty issues are seriously affecting these countries and individuals. It was widely researched and explored in a wide range of the world. Berg (2008) defined poverty as "in its wider view, should be seen as a range of constraints on the freedom to fully participate in society. " (P. 22). The fundamental causes can be traced to two factors: State system and literacy issues, this essay will additionally argue the effects, which can be seen in individuals, communities, and environment.
The government system maybe plays an important role in causing poverty. There is a significant difference between democratic and autocratic system of administration, the major distinction has been believed that a dominant class just consider their interests in an autocratic country, because they were not voted by the citizens, it was not compulsory for them to serve citizens, as a result of this situation, they could transfer the majority of fortune of a country to their own and result in poverty. In contrast, the regime of a democratic nation could have to concentrate on all citizens’ interest all the time because of the civil election system.
Another main factor which resulted in impoverishment might be the education of employees. The productivity of Low-skill and few-trained labor could be inefficiency almost all the time because they maybe have no basic knowledge to accept higher education applied to modern industry. Berg (2008) has ever claimed that the workforce without or lack technique can limit a country or area's development, especially for high-level skill, therefore this situation could cause continually poverty. These two causes led to poverty in society and the effects also resulted from poverty, such as on a single person, neighborhood, and geographic environment.
Low-income of a family can affect not only adult but also children and adolescent in many aspect...

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