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Industries and Resulting Pollution Levels

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Industries have been around us since the beginning of the industrial revolution in the 18th century. Humans have evolved science and technology rapidly after the revolution came into existence. Industries have generated employment by creating several jobs in different sectors, helps to increase the world’s global economy and standard of living. It also reduces poverty and eliminates other problems from this society and making this world a better place to live. However, perhaps nothing comes without a price. There are always consequences to our actions and sometimes they could be worst. Although there are numerous advantages of industries, which outweighs its disadvantage, with an increase in industrial production, it is imposing a threat to our biodiversity by causing “pollution." According to Ned Haulzan (2011), pollution caused by the industries is the main source of worldwide pollution including air, water and relates to all pollution that is directly or indirectly connected to this sector. Several measures have been taken by governments of different countries to counteract this dilemma such as the implementation of green taxes such as eco-tax and carbon taxes etc. but still have many flaws in them. Some people contend, therefore, that the government should impose greater taxes on more polluting sectors. Clearly, this is not the best idea to regulate this problem as it seems to be good for now, but if it is legislated, it can get significantly worse in a few years.
Initially, companies may assume that they are entitled to pollute as long as they are willing to pay the taxes. Consequently, bigger companies will not think of health risks to the environment. If they ever caught, the government only fines them while they pay the amount and continue to dump their leftovers in the environment. Several industries worldwide are polluting the environment without consequences. In several states, including Indiana, U.S. Steels continues to...

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