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The Impacts of Gestures and Movements in Portraying A Scene

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The term gesture is generally defined as to the movement of any body part including the facial expressions. In a learning context, those gestures that are voluntary are considered. However, this is different when it comes to portraying a scene where there are many kinds of gestures are considered (Ozyurek 3). These include adaptors, emblems, and illustrators. All these represent behaviors and movements that show an internal state stereotypically linked to excitement or anxiety. In the African American literature gestures and movements have been evident. The most notable thing is within the storytelling scene where gestures and body language represent art and communication at the same time. In other words, they represent a distinctive mode of black [removed], Brown). The black community in America had been segregated for decades and it can be said that they evolved independently. In this regard, they developed a distinctive way of using gestures and movements than its common among the larger communities in the region. In this regard, this paper aims to explore the impacts of gestures and movements in representing a scene with an increased focus on African American literature.

Impacts of Gestures and Movements
Communication is used by people to portray the thoughts they hold about something and knowledge as well. In the process, gestures are used either in isolation or combination with certain movements in order to increase or put more emphasis on what is being said. The gestures used varies on the literature that is based on a cross-cultural variation of gestures. African American literature could have evolved independently. This means that the gestures and movements used in African American scenes could be governed by various varying factors. The first factor is the culture-specific convention in terms of developing a meaning link. The factor affects or is applied in cross-cultural differences that are well known inform of em...

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