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Analysis of a Discourse Community

4 Pages 1008 Words September 2019

A discourse community that I became to be a participating member of were several soccer teams that I joined while I was in high school. Therefore because I made my high school soccer team, and I was also a part of a soccer team in my community. I have been playing sports all my life because my community has always encouraged me to join their team because most of my friends were always on the team and it was a great way to have fun. As I entered the discourse community in soccer, I had to master the sport by understanding the basics, building character, and train for the sport that I had a deep affection for. I mastered many rhetorical appeals to become a part of this discourse community which includes Logos, Ethos, and Pathos appeals and there are several methods that I used to master it. The definition of a discourse community means a group of people who share common interests and goals which is what my teammates and I had because we all loved soccer which is why we joined the team in the first place. The name of the team that I joined was San Judas FC which was a team that my friend made to be able to play soccer. A lot of people didn’t make the soccer team in our high school, so we decided to take care of business. Building a soccer team or being part of one teaches you many other skills other than the sport by itself because you get to learn things about yourself that you didn’t think you were capable of doing. My friends and I have always loved soccer since we were little because we have always admired famous soccer athletes and wanted to at least try to become the best team that there was in Dallas, Texas.
The skills that I have gained from the sport shows the knowledge that I have acquired from the discourse community because I used logic to learn what it takes to play the sport and know the rules that there is to follow. Not only can I show the skills that I learned for logos, but I can show my knowledge on the sport itsel...

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