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Privacy Concerns for Your Electronic Devices

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In this day in age, we as a society have decided to store everything on our phones, computers, tablets, etc., because we spend so much of our time on it. When we come into contact with law enforcement, we, of course, don’t want them going through our phones without our approval. How about when a known criminal or even a suspected criminal is charged? They're still offered the same rights as the rest of us. What about corporations who break the law that have a lot of evidence on their devices as well? A bigger issue nowadays is, when a user commits a crime involving their phone and/or with an application, why don’t corporations just outright help?

Privacy Concerns for Your Devices
Throughout the development of human interactions and their technology, we have stumbled upon some amazing things. Some of these things include a device you can hold in the palm of your hand that controls your entire life. It can either help it or destroy it depending on how you act and how you treat that device. Ever since the constitution was written back at the declaration of independence, we have always had rights as humans to protect against tyranny and power. One of those concerns is our privacy whether it’s in our home, vehicle, devices or our personal life. So, what happens when you commit a crime that may or may not involve your phone or a bigger corporation’s application? Are the police allowed to just take your device and call it a day? We will dive into our rights as not just consumers, but humans as well. Along with the rights of organizations and law enforcement. This way we are all able to comprehend what may or may not be done in the even that law enforcement has arrived to attempt to seize your devices physically or online.
To begin with, is the fourth amendment which protects against unreasonable search and seizures. As the Koffel Law Firm states (2016), “ be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, again...

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