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International Media Report: North Korea

6 Pages 1576 Words September 2019

In modern society, media is everywhere, it's in our television broadcast, in our newspapers, and on the Internet. In the United States of America, the media isn't restricted because freedom of speech is allowed. In other countries, the citizens are not allowed to have any freedom related to media. North Korea is a prime example of a country with a completely different press system. After World War II, Korea was split into two countries. The southern part which is western-oriented and the northern part which is a communist nation. North Korea is located in Eastern Asia in the northern half of the Korean peninsula which boards the Sea of Japan. North Korea is surrounded by mountainous terrain and has made most of its profit from agricultural work. North Korea is internationally deemed as a dangerous country, with a none existent tourist population. North Korea's economy is one of the poorest in the world. Millions of North Korean citizens are malnourished and living in hazardous conditions. The major media attention North Korea receives is based on its population of starving citizens, raising military and its production of weapons of mass destruction. The U.S. believes the weapons in North Korea's possession are going to be used to fund terrorism. President George Bush stated during a press conference that North Korea was one of the country's in the "axis of evil" along with Iran and Iraq (2002, State of the Union Address). The press has no freedom in North Korea. The leader Kim Jong II uses the press as a propaganda tool under his totalitarian rule. A citizen who dared criticize the government in any form of way would be subjected to prison. The Government owns all radio and television stations. The people of North Korea do not have the right to the Internet, most of them don't even know of its existence. Apart from Citizens having no freedom, a foreign journalist is subject to the same strict laws and policies. Every report is monitored...

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