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Pirates in History and in Film

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They are men who murdered and stole for a profession, so how did piracy come to be romanticized? The pop-culture image of pirates being portrayed as comically exaggerated characters who are glorified by children is the most flawed aspect of the picture that pirates are drawn up as. In pop culture, pirates are cast as white male heroic figures, they are often handsome charming men, who roamed the seas and did as they please, bound to no rules nor any set hierarchy to report to while searching for hidden treasures that would bring pirates riches beyond measures. Hollywood portrays the life of pirates of being one people should strive forgiven that pirates are shown as men who lived adventurous action-packed lives with little worries at sea, when in reality pirates were among the worst savages who robbed, enslaved and killed when they needed to. A pirate is a person who attacks and robs ships at sea, not much different from a privateer, who did so with the backing of their government. These rogue actors, despite their immorality, have had monstrous popularity for hundreds of years. Their portrayals, however, are pretty far off from historical figures, whether they are a positive or negative portrayal. Even when the plots of movies are close to the historical sources, the pirates are romanticized heroes, and audiences are willing to forgive their sins to try to idolize their rebellious spirit.
Captain Blood was a film released in 1935 portraying a man in England wrongfully convicted of treason and sent into the Caribbean slave trade of Port Royal, Jamaica. The man (Peter Blood) and his fellow slaves later escape and begin a life of high-seas piracy. But when Captain Blood crosses paths with Arabella, his former generous owner years later, he remembers her compassion and falls in love. The main actor in this movie is a blazing, handsome, dashing, new romantic star named Errol Flynn. The movie essentially makes pirates out to be good hands...

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