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1500-1877: Major Events in the United States of America

6 Pages 1622 Words October 2019

The early history of the United States of America consists of many major themes that we can learn from today. While there are many interpretations of our early history, the lessons learned from these stories help us gain a better understanding of how we have changed, how we got our identity, and why our world is the way it is today. History is a reflection of the successes and failures of the past. Learning what happened in the past allows humanity to reflect on the accomplishments and failures of our ancestors. A theme is the subject of a story or the central idea that comes it.
Stories of our nation have provided many major themes that one can learn from. Diversity, American identity, globalization, social reform, and demographic changes in our society are examples of themes observable in the events of the past. One of the most important themes for our society to learn from is how violence has shaped the United States. While many other themes are important to understanding our nation, violence stands out because of the difficulty we have discussed it and the major impact it has on our culture today. Blood, gore, death, mistreatment, and atrocities have been in our culture for centuries and it is important to recognize the significance of violence in our history. By examining past events like our enslavement-based economic system and the Native American genocides over the centuries, I can say that the theme of violence is an integral part of our nation’s history.
In the early parts of our nation’s history, slavery was integrated into our early economy by European colonists. Famous characters which many consider heroes today, like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, owned slaves. At the time, taking advantage of groups thought of as inferior, conquering their land, and enslaving them was the norm for Europeans and other developed nations of the past. The idea of a slave-based economic system carried over when people started to...

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