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Choosing to Attend Columbia State Community College

3 Pages 631 Words October 2019

Columbia State Community College is an excellent institution of higher learning because of its teachers, students, and administration. Not only does Columbia State rank among the top community colleges in the state for quality of graduates, but it also has a very high graduation rate of twenty-five percent. Another thing is, Columbia State has an acceptance rate of one-hundred percent. This means that one in four people will graduate from college which is an astounding rate. Being committed to Columbia State serves a great purpose for anybody looking to obtain a degree in one of the colleges in many fields of study. College gets tough, but there is always someone helping the students get through it on campus. Whether it is a professor or fellow student. There is a ton of people on campus willing to help any chance they get.
Campus life at Columbia State is also an amazing reason why it should be at the top of any college pursuers list. With so many clubs and student ran organizations, there is something for every student’s individual passion. Academic groups have developed in many of the disciplines at Columbia State. This a great way to network with other students and professionals in that field and create a great learning experience. The wellness center is also a great perk of being enrolled at Columbia State. The athletic center is filled with state-of-the-art workout equipment and scheduled fitness classes. The best part about the center is that it is free to all students with a copy of their student ID. There are also many athletic groups that are played at Columbia State such as the Charger and Lady Charger basketball teams that are both highly decorated and nationally recognized. Charger and Lady Charger baseball and softball are also held in the summer. Not all athletic clubs are very competitive and intercollegiate, Columbia State offers intramural sports that are held at the campus. These sports include basketball, frisbee,...

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