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Final Project: Substance Abuse and Suicidal Ideation

3 Pages 826 Words October 2019

The purpose of this paper is to address a social issue, problem, or concern by determining which approach to apply to it whether it be prevention, intervention, or consultation. I will address the issue of substance abuse and suicidal behavior.

Issues and Concerns
Around the globe, almost 4 million young individuals attempt suicide yearly, whereas; approximately 100,000 complete suicide (Popadiuk, 2013). In addition, pretty much 700,000 people attempt suicide every year in Europe and 4,400 people take their own particular lives each year in Great Britain. According to Popadiuk, 2013 gives an estimation of communicating there are around 25 suicide attempts for every death. Particularly the populace in Atlanta, Georgia experiences drug misuse and unlawful medication addiction and in addition alcohol abuse and doctor-prescribed medication misuse (Admin, 2014). Around 57% of entrance into inpatient treatment experiences the ill effects of illegal medication addiction. Indeed, right up 'til the present time, 64% of treatment admissions are connected with unlawful medication addicts. In view of that, research demonstrates individuals who are substance abusers will probably attempt suicide than non-substance abusers (Penney, Mazmanian, Jamieson, and Black, 2012). Penney, et al. (2012), additionally expressed people experiencing poly-substance misuse had high powerlessness to suicidal behavior/ideations more than people experiencing mood disorders. In this way, clinicians must screen for substance misuse and in addition suicidal ideations (Center for Disease Control, 2010). What's more, hazard elements that are experimentally decided to specify "less taught" people will probably be hospitalized for suicide attempts. Biopsychosocial threat parts associated with suicides are family history of suicides, alcohol and other substance misuse, and/or depression. Ecological components that can incite suicide are occupation misfortune, social setback, ...

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