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The Importance of Caring In the Healthcare System

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When you think of care, what comes your to mind? The word “care” has lots of definitions. It could be the provision of necessary things for purposes of health welfare or protection of someone or something. People have different ways of showing care so do nurses in the medical field. Competent care is mainly the first word that comes to mind when we think of the nursing field. Nurses are mostly linked with care as they are the support, comfort, and help of patients. Patient care plays a vital role in the nursing field; it is the heart of nursing. Patient care is not just about the medical care that a nurse gives but also social care. Patients may get stressed about their situations. Stowe (2006) believes that caring requires personal, social, moral, and spiritual engagement of the nurse and a commitment to oneself and other human beings. Nurses need to provide competent care for patients physically as well as emotionally. Significantly, it impacts on both their well being and their recovery time. There are some caring behaviors, such as attentive listening, comforting, honesty, patience. Madeleine Leininger, a nursing professor, explains care as the most essential, unifying and dominant focus in nursing. Caring in nursing demands the availability of nurses to patients at all times. In a healthy work environment, competent care can cure healthcare-related economic problems. For effective caring, there must be a formation of a relationship based on trust, commitment, and willingness. Caring is not an easy task for nurses. For example, a nurse staff may have to engage in an emotionally charged interaction, which might leave the nurse feeling psychologically exhausted and thus, there is a need for tolerance. In the nursing profession, there are different types of care available. Some of them are in-home care, adult daycare, personal care, and skilled nursing care. These care vary from short to long term options. Purnell (2009) explains...

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