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America and Income Inequality

5 Pages 1244 Words November 2019

Income Inequality

The American people have come to be defined by their class – Upper, middle, or lower. Why should this be looked upon as good or bad? People view inequality differently based on their social status or political views. Income inequality is the state of an economy which income is distributed in a population. In the United States over the past ten years or so, the gap between the rich and poor is wider than it’s ever been. Income inequality remains to be a constant debate.
In “The Conscience of a Liberal”, Paul Krugman states “The fact is that vast income inequality inevitably brings vast social inequality in its train.” There is a constant political debate among liberals and conservatives and they use this against each other. Patrick Garry claims “Progressives have used the issue as a sword against conservatives, accusing the latter not only of indifference toward the plight of working Americans but of actually welcoming the widening gulf between rich and poor..” in “Conservatism and the Real Problems of Income Inequality.” Garry also states “At the same time, however, conservatives have shied away from the issue, perhaps afraid of how the issue might feed the big-government agenda of liberalism.” Both sides pose a fair argument, but until they can come together to fix the issue, middle and lower class people will be the ones who suffer.
An example of how income inequality is affecting not just the lower class, but also the middle class can be found in “A Town Called Malnourished” by Susie Quick. In this article Quick talks about people living in food deserts. Food deserts are areas with no access to stores with nutritious food options within a mile. Quick states “Lack of access to healthy foods and consequent poor diet leads to higher levels of obesity and chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease.” There tend to be more poor than rich living in food deserts which puts t...

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