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Narrative Essay: I Have a Story to Tell

12 Pages 2906 Words November 2019

I have a story to tell. Let us go back nine years when I was 9. It seems as if it was just yesterday walking through the motions of my parents getting divorced. Too young for my sister and me to understand what was going on. We would always spend our time outside in the back yard playing with our favorite barbie set and dogs. The disfunction in the family was noticeable. Seeing our parents fight, exchanging negative words, and sometimes even seeing them get physical. Shortly after the trauma came a day where our mom sat us down. With tears in her eyes said, “Hey girls it’s time for a change in a town where no one knows us, a place we can make friends and will be happy.’’ This was a problem. What about our friends we had now? What about dad? We didn’t have much of a choice. Mom got a good job in that new small town she talked about. We hesitated and tried to pack slow. Maybe if we packed slow enough, she would change her mind. Nothing we attempted worked. I’m now 10, our move from the big city of Dallas, TX to the small town of Bonham, TX is complete. We drove around town to explore the shopping centers, restaurants, and grocery stores nearby. Bonham wasn’t the ideal place my younger sister and I looked forward to. School starts next week, there is so much to get done. By meeting the teachers, getting school supplies, and registering for sports. The week went by flying. I wasn’t ready to be the “new kid’’. My younger sister sharing the same emotion. The crazy thing is she motivated me by saying, “Don’t worry we got this we got panty power.” Panty power is just something we always said playing around with underwear on our heads. She was strong and brave for both of us. The first day wasn’t too bad. It was fun. There were plenty of new kids to town too. I did fit in and make friends. Everything mom said would happen.
Reaching home from school mom had prepared our favorite meal spaghetti and meatballs. Not...

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