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Power and Liberation Through Education

5 Pages 1143 Words November 2019

The sole thing a person can possess, which cannot be taken from them, is knowledge. For this exact reason, one can see how education can be so powerful. Education is the foundation upon which one builds their ideologies and political perspective. Education is a vital first step that introduces individuals to new ways of thinking. It is important to “stay woke,” or to educate oneself. Especially for today’s youth, who are like sponges at this point in their life, ready to soak up any and all knowledge they can along the way as they begin preparing for the adult world. There is more learning to be had than just what a textbook has to offer. The idea that education is the key to liberating the “unwoke” and becoming aware of their surroundings is precisely what social activist Bree Newsome conveyed throughout her speech when she spoke to the Bellarmine University community.
Speaker Bree Newsome is a very involved activist within American society. Bree is most known as the African American woman who scaled the flag pole out in front of the state capital building in South Carolina and removed its long-standing Confederate flag. This is not the only act of defiance she has participated in. Over the years she has helped to organize and also partake in numerous other rallies across the nation, much of which have been centered around the incidents of killing young black men and structural racism. When Bree spoke at Bellarmine University, it was open to the public. However, the crowd was mainly made up of young college students, which was fitting for her echoing message about the importance of education. These students are in the midst of their most influential education. There are many different ways to learn at this stage; from those who are different, through experience, and from history. It's crucial that students today realize this because the current students are the next promising generation that will soon be in charge of leadin...

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