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The Bad News About Steroids

2 Pages 522 Words November 2019

Steroids are drugs used for enhancing muscle building or for medically treating patients in the hospital. Athletes use these drugs to build muscle mass. This use for sports is illegal, and significant sports organizations test players because anabolic steroids are banned. Steroids’ use for athletes should be prohibited because the side effects include kidney and liver damage, heart problems, and problems in the reproduction system.
There are not many scientific studies because of ethics. Still, a study in England published in The Clinical Kidney Journal showed that four bodybuilders who injected steroids weekly had high levels of creatine and acute necrosis. Four weeks after they stopped pumping the creatine levels went down to the normal range. The researchers concluded there was “a risk for acute and potentially chronic kidney injury among young men abusing anabolic steroids” (Almucktar, Abbas,, Oxford Academic Clinical Kidney Journal, Vol, 8, Aug. 2015, Accessed 26 October 2017) The National Institute on drug abuse says that threat of death from using these drugs “appears to be low, but serious adverse effects may be under-recognized”. (“What are the Health Consequence of Steroid abuse?”, NIH National Institute on Drug Abuse, The effects of using drugs. This is a dangerous result, but there are even more dangerous effects.
Anabolic steroids use has effects on male and female sexual characteristics. Males can become impotent or infertile. Infertility happens more frequently. Males may also develop breasts, baldness and show high levels of aggression. Men can also have enlarged prostate glands from the drugs. Women using these drugs often stop menstruating and usually grow more body hair. They may also become bald. There may also be psychology problems like depression or violent behavior. Both sexes may develop severe acne and be prone to tendinitis or injury to tendons.
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