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The Black Lives Matter Movement

8 Pages 2067 Words December 2019

The Black Lives Matter movement came about as a strategic response by the African American community ignited by the increasing number of killing and deaths of other community members. Most of the bitter riots came from killing started by law enforcement and the relevant authorities.
This generation has come a long way in creating equal rights for all; however, people have to take a step back and learn from past mistakes to better the country. Society must continue to encourage the Black Lives Matter organization, to prevent history from being blind to unjust deaths by discrimination. Although Black Lives Matter was initiated a couple of years ago, the social problem continues to be an issue till today’s day. According to Green he states “When you make something you want it to be part of the national conversation and this will evoke a conversation about the past. We’re in a place where racism is on the agenda” (pg.18). African Americans continue to face discriminative situations where they struggle to be heard due to the danger and racial profiling they are put through. The inequalities in today’s society have been around since the country was founded; even though many laws were put into place to bring equality to the nation Black Lives Matter Movement was constructed to create present-day issues to light and change politics as one knows it. The Black Lives Matter organization has helped them, be heard and brought awareness to their threats in life.
On April 9th, 1865, General Ulysses S. Grant accepted General Robert E. Lee’s surrender at Appomattox Courthouse. Nine days later, General William T. Sherman received General Joseph E. Johnston’s surrender in Durham Station, ending the Civil War (Brinkley 349). The war, whose first aim had been to preserve the Union and later became a fight to abolish slavery, ended in Union victory as well as the dissolution of the Confederate States of America. Roughly 620,000 soldiers die...

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