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Social Media and the Advantages of Smartphones

2 Pages 522 Words December 2019

Smartphones evolved from the earliest communication devices. The advantage of smartphone technology modernized communications. Smartphones are one of the biggest inventions that make life easier. At first, it had many objects just for a specific purpose. Such as the alarm clock, radio, music player, etc. Now, all of the above, we have it in one object. This invention has multiple benefits and advantages.
Smartphones help us stay organized. First of all, with the help of the calendar, I can write down all my appointments, exams that I have, homework to deliver or activities that I want to attend. It helps me to be organized with my class calendar. I use my phone to program reviews two or three days before my future exams. iPhones even have a setting that you can program the time you want to go to sleep and the time to wake up. It also helps us to use multiple alarms. That way I can wake up on time for the university. Our devices help us to be informed at all times. We got the internet and applications of news that keeps us aware of everything. Also, we got social media that people around the world use them. They have its own weather application where users can be informed of the weather they are located and around the world. On smartphones, we also got an automatic system that activates a flood alert when there is rain in my area.
They are like a normal phone with more advantages. As mentioned above we have everything in a single object. These new modern phones classified as smartphones all of them are touch screens. When you get a message there is a shortcut on the lock screen that provides us to answer that text message without unlocking the phone. They also have an application called “WhatsApp” that has the option to send over voice messages to your contacts, resend them and even save them as a document. Do not go too far, even on regular messages some smartphones have the option to send voice messages also and you can connect t...

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