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Ender Wiggins in Ender's Game

2 Pages 532 Words January 2020

Ender’s Game is an absolutely fascinating novel that tells the tale of a child prodigy by the name of Ender Wiggins. Throughout Ender’s game, the reader is privy to experience and get to know various different “sides” to Ender Wiggins. His personality is of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde's caliber and the author gives the reader the medium between Ender's sister Valentine and their brother Peter in the form of the protagonist Ender. At times, Ender is the sweetest, most caring, almost vulnerable little child a 6-year-old should be, and his personality resembles that of Valentine’s. However, at other times he becomes ruthless and frightful, showing his “Peter” side. It’s for this specific reason that Ender is chosen for the space program. His parents were allowed a 3rd child due to the fact the two previous were above even the top-tier of intelligence. However, each of Ender’s elder siblings was too much “them.” Meaning, Valentine too sweet and Peter too ruthless. Enter Ender Wiggins, the perfect Valentine-Peter hybrid poised to rescue the world from inevitable invasion.
What is truly fascinating in regard to Ender’s “monstrous” side is that he is almost completely unaware of its very existence. Unbeknownst to him, Ender kills not one but two people with his bare hands through the course of the book. Albeit incidental and without malice, with his back against the wall, he incidentally kills the school bully and Bonzo. Both of these people of significant mass and strength fall to the cunning and brilliant mind of Ender. Ender’s goal was to simply prevent any future intervention from these two and he single-handedly slays both. The administration of the school prevents Ender from finding out about each of these. Even though ruthlessness is a very important role in Ender's life, compassion is his best trait. In almost every conflict, Ender really wants the issue to be solved without using violence. Colonel Graff ...

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