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Blood Spatter and Crime Scene Reconstruction

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Often Criminal Defense and Prosecution cases depend on evidence collected during crime scene reconstruction to depict possible crime occurrences. Reconstruction of crime scenes is therefore used as a mechanism to understand the chain of incidents that took place at a particular crime scene as the occurrence developed (Wiid 5). The whole activity entails analyzing the crime scene and linking it to different logical scientific explanations. The investigator proposes ideas, tests and then evaluates them to determine relations among the collected physical evidence which are connected to those incidents so as to identify the most possible understanding of the incidents as they took place. Bloodstains are very key in reconstructing incidents as well as addressing cases than using blood grouping. Before blood evidence is collected, patterns and stains have to be documented and recorded.

When a murder occurs, the investigator reconstructs the crime scene by identifying the blood sources and determining the patterns as well as features related to the scene. The bloodstains are then tested to determine if they match with those of the criminals who were within or out of the crime scene. Blood spatter pattern analysis to determine if the crime was done through gunshot, assault weapon and many others. Through this process, it becomes possible to determine the criminals as it has happened in several cases.
The use of blood spatter in criminal courts dates back to Dr. Eduard Piotrowski. Dr. Piotrowski worked at the Institute for Forensic Medicine in Krakow Poland. He is credited with the development of the scientific use of bloodstains. His work published in Vienna in 1895, showed bloodstain patterns in connection to head injuries (Rooker 1). This type of injury is usually common in assaults with weapons and fists as well as accidents. Professor Alexandre Lacassagne built on Piotrowski’s work though he focused on gunshot wounds. Late...

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