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Essay on Discovering My Purpose

3 Pages 629 Words February 2020

There was a moment in my life that I recognized that inadequate health care and poverty were a factor in the community where my family is from. In December of 2015, I traveled to Nigeria and witnessed sights I never thought possible. Observations included people not having drinking water, children begging for food and money because they were hungry, people not having homes and both adults and children being sick without adequate health care. The sights and sounds of that trip helped me to realize I wanted to be someone who not only noticed the struggle of these people but to be a part of making a difference in their lives. Center for Leadership Development helped me to cultivate my new awareness with the principles of success communicated there: Character Development, Educational Excellence and Career Achievement.
In my early high school years, I did not know what my purpose in society was. It is through the principle of Character Development taught at the Center for Leadership Development, that I was able to start finding myself. I learned to respect not only for myself but for others. I learned that hard work does not come in the midst of a second, but you have to work hard to reach your goals. In order for you to be successful in this lifetime, you have to be able to interact with people and implement the concept of respecting everyone. This concept has really shaped me into who I am now and continues to influence the way I intermingle with others.
Once I started to embrace who I was and where I came from, the Center for Leadership Development then taught me about Educational Excellence. I learned to question how a person could not live an impactful life in this society without education. I became empowered to go to college but at the same time, learned that minority success as defined was limited. I have resolved that hard work will overcome limitations and as such, fully expect to beat the statistics in my path to a col...

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