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Personal Reflections on My Educational Experiences

2 Pages 592 Words February 2020

As many people believe, education is the primary qualification for a good future. The life of the next generation depends on the knowledge of the current one; that is to mean quality education precedes good life. Coming from an East European country with a very different educational system, I am realizing now how much different and how far away the educational system can vary from country to country. During the early stages of schooling, young learners are enticed to work hard with a promise that they will be successful and have a brighter future. Contrary, for adults, learners, various factors enhance their motivation towards hard work in academics. Past education experiences significantly contribute to the future achievement of educational and career goals because they offer a better foundation, encouragement, and medium of self-assessment. I will reflect on my past educational experiences and how they shaped my current career and personality.
I remember the high school years, as the most critical part of the learning process that changed my career choice. Before this, I had to be thankful to my brother for introducing me to this career field when I was in middle school. My parents are the kind who believe that the ultimate goal of schooling is to achieve a white-collar job. Contrary, I was an average student in classwork with average grades most of the time. I always revolted against the very heavy loaded curriculum, the difficulty level, and the very long and many hours we spent in a classroom daily. Besides, I was very good at computers even though, and my parents did everything they could to buy me the first computer, which was very expensive at that time. I remember one time during a session with our high school information technology teacher, and he was very proud to have a student that was so enthusiastic about computers. When he complimented me on how good I was, everything changed, that moment changed my perspective. My teach...

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