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Would the United States be Better Off Without the EPA?

3 Pages 836 Words February 2020

Do you think the United States would be better off without the environmental protection agency? In the essay ‘What Would We Do Without the EPA?’, David Lilliard argues that without the EPA a lot of nature would be uninhabitable for animals and humans. The author says the EPA is only trying to help the environment and humans; however, research shows the EPA may be more problematic than helpful. Although Lilliard makes very valid points, some articles suggest that the EPA can sometimes be unclear with their motive, lack necessary funds, and simply not be all-inclusive when making decisions. For these reasons, this response will consist of arguing against the author's claims that were made in his persuasive essay. In some situations, the EPA can attempt to overpower states. In the article ‘Negotiating the Superfund: Are ‘Environmental Protection Agency Regional Officials Willing to Bargain With the States?’, the author states that the environmental protection agency is hesitant to negotiate with the states, depending on the state official. In these negotiations, regional EPA officials may seek mutual accommodation or act as the direct implementers, overseer, and final arbiter with respect to a state’s roles and responsibilities. EPA regional officials vary in their willingness to negotiate the issue of enhanced responsibility with states (Cline, 107). The people who organized the data asked the EPA regional officials a few questions and created an algorithm, hence the statement that the EPA is wishy-washy about who to negotiate with and who to not negotiate with is a fact, not an opinion. It is a fact because of the information received from the EPA: For the purposes of this study, willingness to negotiate is operationalized using an item from the questionnaire sent to EPA regional officials. Respondents were asked to indicate their agreement or disagreement with the following statement: “Your Region Office is willing to...

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