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Narrative Essay: Tell Me a Story, Teacher

4 Pages 1044 Words February 2020

A few days ago my teacher who taught me the value of life passed away. Strong feelings of gratitude took me right back to that time, which I have definitely refused to remember since I entered two years ago into American society. However, that time was part of my life and my effort to forget it failed. As a result, my memories returned me to 2009, when I became, at 22 years old a member of a surgical emergency team as a surgical resident at Emergency Hospital in the capital of my country, Moldova, Chisinau. I with confidence believed that knowledge is power, and it would help me in any situation in my daily work, but as it turns out, it is not enough to face life challenges. In the shadow of doctors, without responsibilities, my path was like a game, where I didn’t know which is my role. I realize I was too young to understand reality. So I come back again in 2009’s cold winter when I finally became a responsible adult and promised myself to never give up. That is my story.
At 2.30 A.M the light turned on in the doctor’s common room and a bass voice of my supervisor woke me up: “Oxanika, wake up”! “What happened, Arkady Vasilievich?” I asked with closed eyes, as the action was in my dream, but no, it was very real. “Wake up, Oxanika! We have a new patient in Intensive Care!” My supervisor, Arkady Vasilievich, was a 65-year-old emergency surgeon with deep Romani roots and character. Since the first day, when I had been named as a surgical resident until I graduated, he didn’t permit me to relax. He handed me a notebook and gave me the nickname “speaker”. So, for four years, I was responsible to prepare and present at daily medical conferences the information about all surgical patients with severe or life-threatening illnesses that we monitored on our 24-hour duty. I was fully informed about every change and procedure made over the patients, even chief of the surgical team sometimes wasn’t aware of the dynami...

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