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What I Know (and Don't Know) About Schooling

4 Pages 1059 Words February 2020

School is often a haven away from home for more kids than most would like to admit. Many across the globe often find their teacher to be their second parent. Students see school as an opportunity for growth and development within the mindset that will last a lifetime. For example, when I was younger, I struggled with my home life. Every day waking up was a challenge. They are suffering from a house fire, where everything was once lost. My teacher helped me in more ways than one. Moving across the country and being in my new home for only three weeks before my house burnt down, my teacher was one of the few that offered a helping hand. Teachers are often the punching bag to success, where almost every student depends on them. Whether it’s in the classroom, in the grocery store or on the athletic field; teachers have a very rewarding, comforting, difficult job that is harder than most think.

What I Know About Teaching, Learning, and Schooling
Growing up, most of my time was spent in the classroom. From coloring books to statistics, my education has evolved immensely. For 12 years, I have watched teachers stay past the bell to help with the kids that never understood the material being taught. I’ve seen my teachers break into their own wallets just to make sure every kid had the supplies they needed to be successful in the classroom. So here is what I know: I know that teaching is not a job for most. If you are wanting to feel appreciated every day, think again because teaching is not a profession for being rewarded. Teaching is a profession where you want to touch every life you see but children face many obstacles, that often make them fall short. I know that you need patience. Kids need attention. Kids come to school to learn, prosper and flourish and I plan to help children prosper and flourish into a dream they’ve dreamt for so long. I know that I want to make a difference in every child's educational career.

What I Don’t...

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