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Populations Served by Criminal Justice Practitioners

4 Pages 976 Words March 2020

There are many different populations among society today that have an equally large amount of needs and expectations. It is the job of criminal justice practitioners to serve the needs of those various populations. Populations can range from small groups such as a residential neighborhood all the way up to the citizens in a whole country. Despite the size of the population each population expects criminal justice professionals to be able to keep the community safe and just. For example, a law enforcement officer’s duty is to keep their communities feeling secure and protected. That is exactly what is expected for all the professions. There are many potential threats to society, and it is expected of criminal justice professionals to fulfill the need for security.
Additionally, one of the biggest expectations that the populations served by criminal justice professionals have for them is for the professionals to be non-discriminatory while performing their duties. Most importantly, law enforcement officials are expected to treat every citizen they might encounter fairly. In the court system, judges are expected to make their decisions justly, without any sort of prejudice. Attorneys should always act the same, making decisions without prejudice. Anyone being tried or prosecuted in the court of law would expect the entire court to be fair and unbiased during the entire process.
Finally, populations served by criminal justice practitioners always expect our professionals to be knowledgeable and educated. Criminal justice professionals are always expected to be able to make critical snap decisions and offer solutions to any problem that they are faced with. Furthermore, citizens who seek professional help through the criminal justice system would expect the professionals to provide long-lasting solutions to their problems. Being able to critically think as a criminal justice professional might also include adapting certain strategies t...

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