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Seven Habits of Successful College Students and Twelve Angry Men

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In the movie 12 Angry Men, we find jury number 10, who is a member of a jury of twelve men tasked with the role of determining whether an eighteen-year-old kid is guilty or not. The character depicts a peculiar paradigm in which he believes that people who are non-whites are violent, dishonest, and murderous. He portrays a racist world view against non-whites. He also shows a bias in favor of white-color people in that he accepts the white woman's testimony as truthful and unquestionable solely based on the fact that a witness is a white person. His paradigm is a negative one, mainly because it stands in the way of him making an unbiased verdict in a case where the life of a young man is at stake. The fact that jury number 10 sees white people in an elevated light compared to non-white people, and he is white shows that he has racial based chauvinistic tendencies. Having such an authoritarian and extreme view qualifies him as a Theory X personality individual. The fact that he has race-biased confirms that he is a person of a fixed mindset.
Habit number one, as outlined in Covey's 7 Habits of Successful College Students, urges students to "Be Proactive" (36). Based on the first habit, students ought to take responsibility for their lives and do that which is needed to achieve our life goals. One of the principles of being proactive is self-awareness. The 1st habit's paradigm is defined by how we see or perceive ourselves. It affects people's attitudes as well as their behaviors. Also, how we see other people. In the film 12 Angry Men, jury number six portrays proactive tendencies. He takes responsibility for his role as a jury, and he does that with seriousness. The proof of this claim is in the incident where he meets jury number eight in the bathroom and tells him to consider a scenario where the jury rules not guilty in their verdict only to find out later that the boy killed his father. Jury number six almost sways jury number eigh...

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