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Using Gaming to Save the World

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“Using Gaming to Save the World” by Levi Hancock argues that video games for children and adults is healthy for the mind. It states that video games in moderation can improve morale and state of mind in children and also creates a smaller likelihood of children to bully one another in school. It also argues that it can cure addictions like smoking, alcohol, and drugs in adults as well as increase social skills. It disproves the theory of video games blurring lines between reality and fiction as well as games causing violence. It will also use history to prove that games can help society and save the world.

I. Introduction
A. Janes Ted Talk on how to save the world with games

II. Video Games and its effects on humans

A. Arguments For
1. Gamers are less likely to bully, higher morale, better standards, and social skills.
2. People with physical injuries report feeling less pain while playing a game
3. It can cure addictions like drugs, alcohol, and smoking.
4. Discuss Mental Floss Study

B. Arguments Against
1. Video games can blur the lines between reality and a fiction world
2. Causes violence in young adults
3. Rewiring children’s brains

III. People with physical injuries feel less pain while playing a game
A. Research conducted by, MHSc, Judy Trevena, Ph.D., and Nick Swain, Ph.D.
1. Had participants submerge arm into ice water (2 degrees Celsius) and told them to keep it there for as long as they can tolerate.
2. The participants were actively participating in an electronic game.
3. They conducted the test on the same participants but without the electronic game system.
4. Without the system, the pain tolerance for the participants was significantly lower.

IV. Gamers less likely to bully and commit violent crimes
A. Research conducted by
1. “ All the statistics show that as the prevalence of violent video games has increased there have been substantial drops in violent crime,...

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