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Final Film Critique — A Beautiful Mind

6 Pages 1435 Words May 2020

The mind works in mysterious ways, in which one never knows what to take away from the intellectual concepts perceived. Take, for instance, Dr. John Nash, a Nobel Prize winner known for revolutionalizing the mathematical field of game theory. When John was approximately 30 years of age, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. The movie A Beautiful Mind, based on a book written by Sylvia Nasar is inspired by the life of Dr. John Nash.
The movie A Beautiful Mind starts out at Princeton University with John Nash starting college wanting to make a name for himself. You follow along as he struggles with solving theories to coming up with a published idea to help further his career path. In the storyline, you sense he has a problem with being able to adjust to crowds or relationships. In this part of the movie, you are introduced to a new character, a roommate Charles and later on his niece, Marcee. He continues working on ideas on comes up with a concept on governing dynamics and publishes a paper which gets him an offer with MIT. Once there he is brought in on a new government assignment to crack a Soviet plot that no one else could decipher that leads to further top-secret assignments by the Department of Defense. His supervisor is a top secret agent known as Parcher. Later on, he meets Alicia; they fall in love, marry, and she becomes pregnant with their son. During this same period, Dr. Nash becomes increasingly paranoid after a shootout takes place during a drop off of top secret decoded documents. Returning home, he locks himself in his study and refuses to come out or let his wife into the room to see him. The next scenes show Dr. Nash back at Princeton giving a lecture where men come and take him away. The next scene is at a psychiatric facility where you find John diagnosed with schizophrenia. Alicia then follows Johns past footsteps, and the audience gets to see the scenes as they look, one from a schizophrenia view and th...

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