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Michelle Obama Speech Anaylisis

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On September 5th, 2012, former first lady Michelle Obama spoke at the Democratic National Convention for her husband, Barack Obama election. Michelle Obama delivered a warm-feeling speech that created emotion throughout millions of Americans. Michelle Obama's purpose was to connect with her audience to understand life comes with struggle and to continue working hard to accomplish your long-term goals. At the beginning of her speech, she reconnected to her early life with Barack. Michelle Obama connects with her audience by explaining her past struggle with her husband. She describes her life before politicians as explaining how they could not afford certain things. Michelle spoke about her husband's rusted old, a painted car where the pavement of the vehicle was noticeable during the time (Michelle). She relates her life by explaining her student loan bill to becoming higher than her mortgage payment. Mrs. Obama was able to graduate from college with the help of her student loans. While Michelle shares her motivational story, she allows her audience to create a trust to make Barack Obama president.
During Michelle's speech, her purpose is to support her husband, Barack Obama, during his reelection of the presidency. During the presidential election, Barack Obama was going against his republican opponent, Mitt Romney. Michelle uses tone not to bash Obama's opponent but to point out his beliefs (MacAskill 2012). She creates a formal and optimistic tone because of how she feels confident in her words. Michelle Obama uses many rhetorical strategies to help her personal life and opinions about reaching for success. She delivers her speech with personal stories to allow her audience to understand what Barack Obama can provide in his election. One of the rhetorical strategies she uses is repetition. Michelle uses the words "I've seen it in" to describe kindness and warmth in different Americans. Michelle believes there are kindness and warmt...

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