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China's Asian Dream Empire Building and the New Silk Road

6 Pages 1399 Words May 2020

In China's Asian Dream Empire Building Along the New Silk Road, Tom Miller discusses how China is striving to become a more economic influence power in Asia. In 2013, Xi Jinping became the new president of China. President Xi Jinping wants to change China's reputation as it is the wealthiest Asian country but does little to help the world compared to others. Xi Jinping's agenda is a plan for China to become an overall top international relations leader with its neighboring countries. "The centerpiece of Xi Jinping's 'proactive' foreign policy is the Belt and Road Initiative. Stretching from the South China Sea across the Eurasian landmass, it is arguably the most ambitious development plan ever conceived" (Pg 30). This new project is based on the "Ancient Silk Road." The Silk Road was a trading route in the 1800s that allowed people to trade through Asia and Europe freely.
China's goal is to create a network of trading that would boast a stronger economic development throughout Asia. Xi Jingping believes in the idea of making Asian relations better through infrastructure development. China has been funding projects in foreign countries in exchange for land territory or high-interest loans. His second-biggest infrastructure goal is to invest in the South China Sea to create a smoother trade process through ports. Xi Jinping believes that this type of trading infrastructure is the best way of making peace and trade with neighbors. He also believes that this will benefit China's economy as well. Miller says, "pro-active" foreign policy focused on creating a sense of "common destiny" among China and its neighbors (27).
In the novel, Miller looks through each geological area and gives a historical background within each. He discusses some of the weaknesses in China's Asian relations and how China wants to strengthen its relationships in the region. China has a strategic interest in making surrounding countries in Asia more reliant on its...

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