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The Euro-American Superior Mindset

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Since the beginning of the Americas, the Euro-Americans have seen themselves as superior to those in their path to create a new nation. Over time the inferior race or group of people has changed due to the time period. At first, the inferior group was the Native Americans and their savage behavior. Then it was the Mexican race due to their civilizations in the west and finally, it was the African American community during slavery and the civil rights movement. Although these very unique and different groups of people were seen as inferior, they all share the same resentment towards the Euro Americans which has caused violence and suffering.
The relationship between Euro Americans and Native Americans was full of tension and hatred. The Indians were viewed as savages and were believed to be inferiors to the colonizers. They were seen as savages due to their use of the land and how they lived their life, it was more organic than the lives the Euro Americans had been used to. For instance, the Pueblo Indians were oppressed by the Spaniards for years. Not only was their land being taken away, but their spiritual life and religion were being taken over as well. The Spaniards were forcing Christianity onto the Indians. These actions can seem harmless, but the Indians did not take these actions lightly. The Spaniard’s goal was to turn the Indians into civilized people. In the initial planning of the rebellion, a man named Pope decided to take actions into his own hands and his followers. The said leader of the insurrection had created a device of knots to suggest the days till the rebellion will begin. These knots were to be untied if the opposite pueblos had been in agreement. The rebellion was executed upfront in fear of being discovered. According to the interpreter “Pope who is said to have communication with the devil” (Naranjo). Because of this belief, the Indian Pope has now become the Spaniard's rival due to their want to sprea...

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