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What Must Be Seen to Be Believed

3 Pages 668 Words July 2020

Musicals have been a big part of my life growing up and have brought light in me hard to describe. Whether comedic or dramatic, a piece of me is left with every show once viewed and a sense of peace is left with me. Some may think what musicals have to do with religion and science but just as confusing as religion and science leave me at times, musicals have always brought a sense of being and knowing that the former has failed to do. One musical in particular is the adaption of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and one song resonated with me called, “It Must Be Believed to be Seen”. The lyrics have been brought back to me in full swing while taking this course and have pretty much wrapped it up in the following lyric, “Beyond this door’s invention, where mind meets with the machine. Beyond these gates, astonishment waits, but it must be believed to be seen.”
My whole life has been a contradiction to science and religion and in taking this course, I realized I’m not alone. Growing up with strict Catholic parents that were born in the Middle East has not been easy. I was always envious of different religions and how joyous and accepting many of them are to outsiders and nonbelievers. It was rough growing up to knowing one way and one way only. There was never any room for leniency or excuses when sins were being committed. I remember asking so many questions that frustrated adults and children my age alike. I was taught that I should never ask questions but instead to look for answers within. How does one expect to look for answers without asking questions? I felt alone growing up with many identity issues and being religious just brought on more angst and confusion.
Adults believing in God or Jesus or some fantasyland called Heaven just seemed as ridiculous as children believing in Santa Claus. For me, Heaven and Hell were just an endgame to what humans and science could never explain, “What happens when we die?...

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