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Investigative Research: Pedophiles

5 Pages 1214 Words July 2020

In this investigative research, we explore the criminal behavior of pedophilia and child molestation. The purpose of this study is to better understand the causes of this criminal behavior, exploring potential environmental and clinical causation for this type of conduct, and to determine what actions can be performed in order to possibly reduce the occurrence of this criminal act.

I. Introduction
A paraphilic disorder is defined as a disorder that is identified by abnormal sexual desires. patterns in paraphilias are considered pathologic when sexual arousal patterns are persistent and intense, it causes great distress in fundamental areas of functioning or has the potential to harm other people. While some studies have identified as many as 550 types of paraphilia. The DSM-5 has specific listings for eight paraphilic disorders. The eight paraphilic disorders DSM-5 acknowledges are exhibitionism, fetishism, frotteurism, pedophilia, sexual masochism, sexual sadism, transvestism, and voyeurism. Of the eight paraphilic disorders, one stands out as being the most deviant of them all according to society. While being a pedophile in the definition of having the sexual desire alone is not a crime, acting on those urges will have a traumatic lasting effect on the victim. While most paraphilic desires can be acted out with all parties being consented, pedophilic ventures will always by law involve a non-consenting individual.
In this investigative research, we will explore the criminal behavior of pedophilia from a perspective of social deviance, as well as the psychological perspective. This study is important in gaining a better understanding of pedophilia, to gain more knowledge of this behavior, to consider effective treatments, and most importantly to explore possible solutions for child sexual exploitation.

II. Review of Literature
What causes Pedophilia is unknown, although research studies have found associations between ped...

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