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Team Case Discussion - MediSys Corp, Part Three

2 Pages 586 Words August 2020

Question 1: How well is the IntensCare Product Development Team performing?
Response: Overall, the IntensCare Product Development Team is not performing well. Once the team was formed, there were no prior introduction among team members and everything was thrown together. This has created problems among the team which has brought on issues such as getting all the different departments in the team on the same page.

Question 2: What forces are affecting the IntensCare team’s behavior, culture, and outcome?
Response: There are several forces that are affecting the team’s behavior, culture, and outcome. There are different personalities that are on the team that are continually clashing. The structure of the team is weak which starts with the leadership. The lack of leadership and trust among the team is affecting how they work together. This also impacts the behavior among the team members where they are speaking poorly of other members. The differing cultures that are on the team are also a force that impacts its culture. The software team as been outsourced to India which itself is a completely different culture than that here in the United States. Conflicts among the different departments that are on the project are also impacting the outcome as there are different goals for each department and they do not come together for a common goal of completing the project by the deadline.

Question 3: Are people motivated to do all that they can to work together? Why not?
Response: People on the project are not motivated to do all that they can to work together. McClelland’s Achievement Motivation has an example that is a need for affiliation. The members on the team do not feel as if they are on a single team but rather subgroups that are having issues with the other groups. They are not able to build relationships with each other. Each department has different goals and are motivated by different factors to get their parts completed. Th...

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