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Serving in the Army and the Importance of Accountability

8 Pages 2012 Words August 2020

Private First Class Michael Lambert: An essay on accountability, professionalism, and attention to detail in the Army and civilian life.

The word "accountability" comes from ones state of being accountable. Taking responsibility for ones actions; being responsible for giving a sworn statement on an event that was witnessed;taking responsibility for ones own I adequate behaviors and/or performance; reporting to the right place, right time, right uniform. Accountability is a necessity in the army. A soldier must have the ability to be held accountable for his or her own successes in order to advance in the career of professional soldiering. If a soldier does not acknowledge or take responsibility for their successes often times another soldier is quick to claim responsibility for mission success. An example of this would be a soldier exceeding standards of performance during a field problem to make the mission successful. If the soldier doesn’t claim their own actions and successes they will often times not receive proper recognition and someone else who may have done far less if anything may take credit for mission success. This creates a hindrance in a soldiers career advancement.
A soldier must also have the ability to take the responsibility to report activities that go against standards of performance, general orders, and/or other misconduct by other soldiers. In order for the army as a professional organization to function as a whole, all soldiers must hold other soldiers accountable for their actions, misconduct, inadequacies and/ or crimes. An example of this is the obligation to report witnessing a sexual assault between a soldier and another soldier and or civilian. As a soldier, a person must be accountable for reporting the crime that occurred. Another example of this would be a soldier witnessing another soldier breaking any general or direct lawful order. In both cases a soldier must report what was witnessed. As a pro...

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