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Psychiatry Essay: Childhood Trauma

4 Pages 927 Words November 2020

In this paper, the effects of childhood trauma will be discussed there will be two primary areas that will be the focal point. The first area to be discussed is the effects of childhood trauma on development. Does trauma truly affect the development of children? The second area of how the abusive cycle relates to childhood trauma. Trauma does not have a preference to gender, age, social-economic, or family culture abuse trauma can impact and affect all ages as well as affecting all age is in the developmental stage.
Early childhood trauma refers to traumatic experiences that children experience between the ages of birth and six years of life. a very controversial subject that is a challenge is that children from birth to the age of 6 years old have limited ability of cognitive Remembrance the traumatic experiences that they may have endured. It is also said to believe that children have a difficult time and are limited in the ability to process maintain and understand the emotions that are brought on by trauma. This is a very controversial subject and topic as there are scientific studies that differ in opinions. The primary reason being is that infants and young children react vastly differently than older children. Another reason to support the difference is the fact that infants cannot communicate as older children can Two situations that can be considered to be threatening, dangerous, and traumatic. It is important to understand that regardless of the age the impact will still be traumatic however, the differences are how they process it internally as well as externally. When infants and young children have experienced a traumatic or traumatic event it is not uncommon for the adults in their lives whether it be parents, family members and or guardians to say that the child and or children do not have the ability To cognitively recall the events and able to associate them with their emotions.
The growing bodies of infants and you...

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