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From the Cold War to the War on Terror

2 Pages 552 Words November 2020

This was a very interesting podcast because it talks about America’s perspective on terrorism due to the 9/11 attack. It talks about America wants to declare war on terrorist’s violence and Cold war. There are many examples of terrorism and violence due to this. There’s not a label or filter for terrorism act.
It was very interesting to know of the Black September attack, which was a dramatic attack seizing eleven Israeli athletes as hostages at the September 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. With this going on and more cases going on there was so much violence and negotiations because of international terrorism. For example, they would get political prisoners as leverage to get other prisoners. Although, before was just high jacking and no one is killed as the years went by there was a drastic change in bombings and killings due to America’s non-negotiation with terrorists. A lot of other Western countries also tried to follow America’s policy but in a different approach and also for some countries to have a “policy” of non-negotiation with terrorist the government has negotiated with terrorist actors... so why set a policy but only follow it up to a certain extent? Reagan negotiated with terrorist due to the trans world airline was hijacked and he had no choice to negotiate and so one can understand that the policy of that other countries had taken the non-negotiation policy to a certain extent and was careful of the doctrine were mainly because of situations that could happen like this and gave them no choice but to negotiate with them.
Although, 9/11 was a start to all this violence and war with the terrorist and how it made people to stereotype of what a ‘terrorist’ could be. For instance, Muslims that come into America and people want to look at them as a terrorist and assume they have a bomb on them but why? Any color or race could be as identified as a terrorist, but people only identify certain foreigners as ‘...

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