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The Greatest Moment in St. Louis Sports

2 Pages 587 Words November 2020

As far as I'm concerned, the Stanley Cup championship parade was the most significant moment in St. Louis sports. This event, or as I like to call it, a party, was fifty-two years in the making. All around the crowded streets of downtown St. Louis were people of all ages in attendance. It was estimated that between 300,000 and 500,000 people were there. After waiting all my life for the greatest event in St. Louis sports history, I had to see it in person.
On the morning of June 15, 2019, I woke up and began my journey towards downtown St. Louis. It was a cloudy morning with a chance of rain, but the rain was not going to put a damper on the party that I was on my way to attend. As I arrived downtown, the atmosphere was alive and buzzing. The sights and sounds were unbelievable. Looking down Market Street all one could see was a sea of blue and yellow. It was loud as there was music being played, and fans were cheering loudly and having a great time. Sirens and horns blared from the firetrucks carrying certain players in the parade. The aroma of beer and alcohol filled the warm, muggy air. The atmosphere was electric.
There were many things that I witnessed on this day that I will possibly never witness again in my lifetime. The players were stepping off their floats and interacting with the fans. The players were taking pictures and recording videos of the crowd. They were taking selfies with the fans. I had seen many players take shots of what I believe was alcohol with the spectators. Many signed autographs for the crowd. Spectators were handing their small children over to the players and snapping pictures of their child being held by a professional athlete. I watched grown men cry tears of excitement, including myself. I have seen players interact with fans in the past, but never have I seen players and fans interact as they did on this day.
As the parade was moving down Market Street toward the arch grounds, the organizers had ...

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