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The Dangers of Legalizing Marijuana

8 Pages 1898 Words November 2020

In a growing society that continues to explore and experiment with new things, complex issues of the moral debate continue to arise and must be addressed for the future. A major problem facing today’s society is the legalization of marijuana. This problem has continued to escalate to the point of federal attention at the national level and must be dealt with accordingly. Although most argue the freedom of choice and impact of medical marijuana, marijuana should not be legalized at a national level because it is addictive, the adverse health effects it causes, high risk of being a gateway drug, and the overall disruption it would bring to a growing generation.
The first step in evaluating the problem of the legalization of marijuana is knowing exactly what it is and what it does. According to the History Channel; marijuana, better known as cannabis or pot, has a long history of human use. Most old societies didn't develop the plant to get high, but as a natural healing method, likely beginning in Asia around 500 BC. The historical backdrop of cannabis development in America goes back to the early settlers of America, who developed hemp for materials and rope. Political and racial factors in the twentieth century prompted the criminalization of pot in the United States, however, its lawful status is a highly debated topic in numerous states. The cannabis or hemp plant initially advanced in Central Asia before individuals brought the plant into Africa, Europe, and inevitably the Americas. Hemp fiber was utilized to make apparel, paper, sails, and rope, and its seeds were utilized as nourishment. Since it's a quickly developing plant that is anything but difficult to develop and has numerous utilizations, it was widely experimented with ( Editors).
The first major problem with marijuana is that it is highly addictive. Contrary to the beliefs of many, research shows that ten percent of the people who experiment with marijuana ...

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