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The Politics of Liberals and Conservatives

2 Pages 517 Words December 2020

Liberals and conservatives, kind of like pepper and salt? No more like fire and water. The two most popular political parties in America are still at battle today. Some may even call it positive vs. negative government.
Modern liberalists take the left side more commonly. For instance, liberals agree that women should have an abortion as a choice when left with an unwanted pregnancy. A typical conservative would disagree with this option and may even use the slogan “all lives matter.” When it comes to women’s rights, liberals tend to be feminists, which means they are equal rights between men and women. Conservatives may not agree with this movement and would rather stay in traditional times, where men would have more power; socially, economically, and politically. Also, liberals are pro LGBTQ rights, which grants same-sex marriage and equal treatment for LGBTQ members. Unlike liberals, conservatives would rather not allow same-sex marriage for LGBTQ members. Nonetheless, some modern conservatives seem to agree with liberals on this topic as time goes on. When it comes to crime, liberals are against the death penalty and other harsh punishments like so. Liberals promote programs that prevent crime, so death penalties would not be an option. Furthermore, liberals are pro-gun control and commonly argue that this could prevent violent crimes. On the contrary, conservatives do not believe in gun control and are for harsh punishments like the death penalty.
One of the most controversial topics between conservatives and liberals is illegal immigrants. Especially Hispanic immigrants or so-called “dreamers.” Liberals gladly welcome illegal immigrants arguing that they are simply starting a better life for themselves/family and are no harm to the US. They also argue that they should have a right to live here because they pay taxes and are willing to take any jobs. However, conservatives argue that immigrants are illegal; therefore,...

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