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Outward Mindset Research Paper

4 Pages 916 Words December 2020

Many of us live for one purpose: What can we do for ourselves? We determine based on what we might learn from a situation regardless of how the situation affects other people. Many people assume that their acts are merely a result of their attitudes, but the reality is much simpler. Indeed it is your mind that governs your actions. The key thing I saw as I read the book was that it saw others as people, not as objects. Collaborate to support all parties. Instead of wondering what I'm going to get out of this and what someone can do for me, we can consider what I can do for them and how we can help one another. Internal thought is self-concentrated where external thinking sees other people. I like the outcomes of actions and behavior drives. Simply take the SWAT squad from the Kansas Police Department. Their propensity to use unnecessary violence was long criticized by local residents. Many people, for example, complained of the team frequently shooting animals during raids. Faced with a lack of credibility, the SWAT team had no option but to change their attitude, which led them to rely on the emotions and even suspects of the people around them.
Suddenly, the team started to treat people politely. The Outward Mindset is a book that everyone must be read, irrespective of age, gender, occupation, or ethnology. It's very insightful, I believe. It explains the value of thought and how having the right mind can make a big difference in the everyday life of an individual or community. The way a person looks at the world and treats other people decides. It decides what a person does and how he or she acts privately and publicly. This essay focuses on why the external mentality of Mindset and Chip Huth in the police are considered to be a major aspect of police action today. I agree that it is a vital factor since many policemen today rely more than effectively on getting the job done. The police force gradually loses track of its primary go...

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