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)climate chnage and enviromental isuues (philosophy)(global ethics

5 Pages 1234 Words December 2020

Giselle Fernandez
Term Paper – Fall 2020
Global Ethics
Prof Peter Elsworth
Connection of Climate change and environmental issues.
Global and regional climatic patterns are significantly changing where it is attributed to, the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced is increasing through fossil fuels from the mid to the late 20th century. However, climate change is interrelated by a set of structured statements to explain its concepts and how changing climate is wrong and occurs the way they are. Climate change can be caused by virtue ethics where the false and rights are categorized b the acting models of individuals according to the traditional qualities that make them good. Utilitarianism is also connected to changes in climate. The wrong and good are determined by the general goodness that arises from the effects of the action, as deontology in climate change determines the wrong and right rational by giving global duties (Steinberg, 129). Lastly, climate change can be influenced by political realism in the globe as international politics creates an impact on the conflictual and competitive stresses. Environmental issues cause climate change by more heat that alters ices, oceans and weather, and severity of hurricanes.
Climate change has led to the melting of ice fields ad glaciers in the arctic. Despite the rapid increase in temperatures that have led to the significant melting of the ice burgs and graces, human activities and morals are the significant roots that had led to the increased melting. The industrial revolution, greenhouse gas emissions, and carbon dioxide are the significant factors that have led to a rapid increase in temperatures with even higher poles. The rapid melting of glaciers calves off into the seas, hence, retreating land. It's predicted that if the iceberg continues to melt, then the arctic will be ice-free in the future. When ice and glaciers melt, the sea levels rise, leading to increased coasta...

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