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The Importance of Listening to Others

2 Pages 526 Words December 2020

What can be expected when talking to another person? Perhaps it depends on the relationship you have with the other. It starts with who you are as a person. Are you happy, generous, helpful, magnetic, determined or distant, rude and selfish? People can be a mix of things but how we are feeling at a given moment can change how we listen when in a conversation. Everyone at a point in time cannot be themselves and have a different perspective on listening. Eventually, those moods will mold you and will determine who you are.
Personally, I can be a mix of different listening styles depending on the situation and person I am having a conversation with. Looking at action, content, people, and time-oriented listening, I see myself being an action and people-oriented listener. People having a habit of content and time-oriented listening are probably scrambling and having too many worries in a days’ time. I am a relaxed person but have the urge to get things finished and finished correctly without being overwhelmed. Getting too far ahead of yourself can go bad before it is recognized. Stress is not where I am comfortable.
On the side of action-oriented listening, I want things to be clear, well-organized and to the point. If I am a listener, tell me what the plan is and present it with clarity and straightforwardness. If your words go into too much detail, I will slowly go into my own head and think of how the task is going to be finished. Which leads to being a defeated listener. Give me too much information and I begin to be overwhelmed and could possibly forget the task at hand.
People-oriented listening is important. I say I am a mix between this and action-oriented listening because it makes the conversation more fun and maybe a few laughs exchanged between one another. I like to create positivity in situations and as I said already, more relaxed other than being stressed. Personally, a stressful environment is not suitable. Good conversa...

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